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Spring 2002



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Extended Family


THE "IN MEMORIAM" LISTINGS IN UMass Magazine include the names of all alumni, faculty, and students whose deaths have been reported to us by the alumni records office. In our online edition, we also reprint any obituaries that we have received.

The list from Spring 2002 print issue appears below. FOR OBITUARIES, CLICK ON THE LINKS AT LOWER RIGHT.


Carl Allen 14

Warren W. Sherwood 33S
David E. Cosgriff 34
Roger K. Pratt Jr. 37
Joseph F. Dunn 38
John Eadie Jr. 39S
Frederick Purnell 39

Robert A. Rodriguez 41
Richard N. Smith 41
Frederick Shackley II, 42
Ralph G. Gilman Jr., 48
E. Richard Williams 49S

Bradfield J. Collins 50
Arthur L. Gaines 51
Richard W. Drury 52
Francis A. Podlesney 54
Harrison F. Aldrich 55
William B. Rose 56S

Leslie (Williams) Giffen 63
Eva Mae Omasta 65
Janice C. Kwapien 66
Andrea (Doty) Warren 66 90G
Samuel "Rick" Gordon 67
Clarinda (Winegar) Hankinson 67G
Zylpha Mapp-Robinson 67G
William F. Williams 67S
Virginia (Barr) Low 68G

Harold O. Bettencourt 70, 76G
Rene (Eady) Bowden 73
Paula (Crook) Clifford 73
Belvha LeValle-Harris 74
John E. Bisbee 75
Otis D. Bruce 75
Joy A. Davenport 75
Christine S. Dillard 75
Ken McIntyre 75G
Brian E. Kelley 78
Robert J. Labonte 78

Robyn (Mager) Zimmerman 80G
Ann L. Turomsha 81
Mary (Auth) Nietupski 82G
Jeannine Rioux 82
Anna D. Miller 89


Barbarra B. Burn, international programs
Haluk Derin, electrical engineering
Mack Drake, plant and soil science
Susan A. Duffy, psychology
William K. Harris, veterinary and animal sciences
Robert K. Patterson, mechanical engineering
William Rupp, art
Ivan D. Steiner, psychology

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