Peter Gregorio

Peter Gregorio

Gregorio graduated, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts, University Without Walls and the Commonwealth College Honors Programs in 2004. Since then he has had two exhibitions, one at “Real Art Ways” in Hartford Connecticut, and the other at the “55 Mercer Gallery – Soho”, in New York City. The art critic Grace Glueck recently reviewed him in the “Art in Review” section in the New York Times. Gregorio has recently moved to New York City and is attending the MFA program in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts.

       A statement about his work:

“How to convey the experience of being alive, right now, in this moment? I have this need to recreate the feeling of the realization of existence. It happens, this reflection; in dark hallways, looking up at the ceiling, walking through archways, hidden places... one must be alone. Fear and awe set in, the questions, this is real? Who made this? The texture, the colors.

What am I? Am I my mind? I am in a body. I feel like a vessel, everything is looking at me, I loose sight of where I start and the space I am contained in begins. It becomes a mirror. It exists between the moment I was born and the moment I die. It is built out of those who came before me.

The paintings are the reflection of the question, and the answer. They are volume and plasticity, churning before me, I am witness. All at once, beginning and end, a reflection of a moment in time, through my consciousness, my body. Generations of humanity, circumambulate the sun, morning through evening the days evolve. To capture this moment that is fleeting and profound. Nostalgia and mystery, transubstantiated visually.”


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Civilization 1


Civilization 2